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Garmin Fenix is a watch that combines both functionality and aesthetic value for the benefit of the user. It has a rugged look and a design that brings out a tough exterior that contributes to its long lasting nature; very appropriate for the activities that it is to be used for outdoors. It stands out as different from other innovations of Garmin that are mostly focused on sports activities as it covers much more than sports in general. Individuals that can easily use the watch for a variety of activities include mountaineers, geo cachers and outdoorsmen and women.

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The Garmin Fenix is an outdoor product that is perfect for the recreational hiker. It makes planning trips much easier as it allows you to create your own routes. The main reason why I like the watch is that as much as it is stylish it also has functions that go far above and beyond what is seen in other products that may be in the same range.

The outstanding features of the Garmin Fenix include the fact that it has the capability of establishing a wireless connection using Bluetooth. The connection can be used to share information such as routes, tracks as well as waypoints to devices such as smart phones and even other devices that are compatible to Garmin. Further, heart rate monitors can also be connected to the watch for individuals that want their heart rate monitored.

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  • Wireless, Accurate Routes, Easy to Use
  • Neat Features like Barometer and Compass
  • Short Battery Life if GPS mode is run continuously

A barometer is another unique feature of the product, which provides information on the atmosphere surrounding the area that the user is visiting. It is best used in areas where the weather conditions are unpredictable and there is need to be aware of any changes that may occur. The changes are displayed on the screen using a variety of icons that help the user to quickly decipher what is happening and act accordingly.

The compass on the Garmin Fenix is twofold as it is both digital as well as electronic for the benefit of the user. The electronic compass which has three axes is almost like a guarantee that the bearing of the user when they are moving or standing still is accurate. The compass is also tilt compensated meaning that from whichever angle it is looked at, the information provided is accurate and unhindered no matter the terrain that the user is traversing.

The Garmin Fenix is used outdoors most of the time which makes its reliability paramount, especially when it comes to the battery life. However, with this watch the battery life is quite short for those who are running it strictly on GPS mode. On the other hand, the watch is easy to understand as most of the functions are easily accessed by using the display and the buttons on the sides of the watch as well.

Overall, the Fenix is a good investment for any outdoor person as it makes moving around much easier because of the accuracy of the routes that are to be displayed.

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