Garmin Forerunner 205 Review

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Buying a sports watch is essential for many runners even though they may struggle to make a decision to purchase it when on a tight budget. However, with the Garmin Forerunner 205 the decision is made much easier as it is one of the lowest priced and most popular sports watches available. It offers a variety of features that are needed by most runners with the most popular ones including the virtual partner, advance workouts and the ability to import courses. The Forerunner 205 is able to use basic GPS navigation and convert it into a management system that helps in keeping track of a runner’s fitness level.

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What I like most about the Garmin Forerunner 205 is its ability to store track data for a much longer period than its counterparts. It can store this type of training data for up to two years which allows the user to be able to compete against their previous results and also to monitor the changes and improvements in their running performance.

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  • Inexpensive, Easy to Use
  • Virtual Partner Lets You Know if You are Ahead or Behind your Desired Pace
  • Battery needs to be recharged before each run

This sports watch has some features that are unmatched by other sports watches that have been made available by Garmin. One of its most outstanding features is the virtual partner which has become beneficial for many of the runners who have been using the watch. This feature is helpful in that it allows the runner to set goals based on the distance that they want to cover and the amount of time they want to cover it in. The message on the screen of the watch gives the runner an idea of how far behind or ahead they are in comparison to their virtual partner, helping them to know if they are achieving their goal or not.

Another feature is the customization of the display screen that can be done even when in the middle of a running activity without interrupting their stride. The two main screens can be customized, plus there is a third one that is more specific for other activities that is split into data fields. This feature is very important because it allows the users to get accurate results when using the watch.

The GPS receiver of the Forerunner 205 is much stronger than many others, irrespective of the environments in which it is used by the owner. It allows users to easily measure routes that they have been running so that they are able to make accurate calculations about their progress.

Runners that own this watch like it because of its lightweight design and construction and display screen that is easy to understand, even for beginners. It can also be charged up easily and the uploading of information using a USB port is of benefit to most users. However, its battery life is quite short, normally requiring it to be charged up before every run.

The Forerunner 205 is generally a good watch that provides the essential information needed by most runners. It is also quick and simple to learn how to use it for most running activities that need to have their progress monitored.

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