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New Balance N9 Review, 3.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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New Balance n9 is a sports watch designed for people who engage in daily training sessions and this is achieved by the combination of its magnificent features which aim to assist you in optimizing your results in a remarkable way. It is pretty easy to track your location, the distance you have already run or swum as well as your speed in addition to other amazing featured results to perfect your training endeavors.

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While this is an easy to use watch and does all the basic functions of a sports watch there are other watches I think give you better value for about the same price. This one is just 'so-so' where there are other watches out there that I think are better quality and value. For example, the Motorola Moactv sports watch costs just $15 more but is more reliable with better features.

Although at first its size may put you off, according to different reviews and customer comments, the New Balance N9's many features more than compensate for this. The heart rate monitor and every other feature you would expect in a training watch are built in and enable you to really be in control of your training activities and monitor every aspect of your performance.

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The New Balance n9 boasts a number of features which include speed, pace and distance tracking. There are several modes from which you can select from and one of the well tested and remarkably performing ones was the run mode. The heart rate monitor and the data memory size in addition to its multiple alarms and the ability to navigate with ease are other reasons to start placing your purchase orders for this watch.

In all these devices, since they are used by people while exercising, the processing power should be strong. In run mode, when the n9 was tested, the satellite lock proved fast and efficient. Every button is simplified and is one click tap to help you get started, and by simply hitting the view button you will be able to scroll through the 13 optional displays. These displays have varying combinations in terms of metrics such that when you run, you get the results you seek.

The training application in the n9 is perhaps one reason that people from all walks of life order this device. There is nothing complex about this watch; even the process of uploading your workouts using the software is relatively simple.

There are issues associated with the software, according to different reviews that I came across during my research. While people still find that this watch is a great device as it enables you to access many more training features than are included in other common watch like gadgets there are some drawbacks with it such as reported issues with the heart rate monitor readings.

Despite the fact that customers have purchased the New Balance n9 and have been able to use the device to perfect their training sessions, they have complained a lot as New Balance chose to use black text on a red background specifically on the button labels which makes them somewhat unreadable.

All in all, the New Balance n9 is an okay training watch for a sports person but I think there are better values for the price out there. Check out the Best GPS Watches link above to find out the watches I recommend.

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